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.Softendo site from 2005  year
This is a small history of Softendo site, before the rebranding to Softendo, the site was called Buziol Games or Buziol Games Software. Buziol Games was founded in 2002 year. Here some resources from that period. With still working download links. Texts, link, files, pics, images and concent below may be obsolete - some games/files may won't work.

The Buziol Games site in that time was running in 2004r this adress is still working for

Full history of the web site can be found on link :


Buziol Games Software from 2005 year
Hello everyone! My name is Michael and I was born in Europe. I'm a former creator of Buziol Games Software in 2001 year and rebranded it to Softendo Freeware Games in 2006 year. I'm a full-stack game developer. Both studios were managed only by me. I've made a lot of popular freeware games like Mario Forever, Mario Forever Galaxy, Zelda Forever, Urbagility 2, Stargrade, Myster Muszel and much more.Most of the games were created more likely by my own, but some of the projects were little supported by some testers like my younger brother Maurycy (Skell), Damian (Damianoz), Aleksander (Cage) and a few more people. Most of my games were created from early access to end stage only by my own, counting from concept art, graphics, collect sound effects, collecting music, creating title screens, level projects, menu projects, platform algoritms, game engines, story writting and testing.

​*BUZIOL in Polish language means "Smiley" or "Kiss".

Lost games : Diamentowa Przygoda by Skell, Kulkis by Skell.
Game Creating Development. Diamentowa Przygoda Maurycy Zarzycki.

Softendo Mario Forever Download PC